Review| Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

Seven out of seven days, I prefer a synthetic brush to apply my liquid foundations. Hell, I'll use a brush with my powder foundation and my creams when I damn feel like it. Fingers? My hands become an orange mess. Sponge? Takes too long. 

Sadly, I've been using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush for so long it's fallen apart on me. I noticed that in the past two weeks my liquid foundations have been a real bitch to blend out. It left streak marks that were impossible to blend away and my foundation looked patchy all around my nose. 

Thanks to some recs, I placed an order for the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush ($25) sight unseen and hoped for the best. 

While it's on the smaller side, it has a good heft that proves its quality. I rubbed the hairs all over my face the moment I got it to test the softness of the synthetic (vegan) hairs, so please excuse the dirtiness. It's very soft but nothing *heavenly* ~~

While the hairs are longer, they are packed enough to distribute and blend product without floppin' all over the place or streaking the foundation. In other words, the hairs have enough give to bend without foundation seeping into the head of the ferrule. The density of the hairs means that I can pump foundation directly onto the brush and dot/dab product where I want it most. 

Here is is compared to my deceased RT Buffing Brush, may it rest in peace. I've had it for over a year, the dog's gotten to it, and for the price it's been a good ole pal. Still, next to the new brush it looks like harvested hair of a possum. Disgusting.

The handle of Urban Decay's brush and overall length is shorter than RT, meaning I have much more control over my application. I usually had to hold my RT higher on the handle and almost bunch the hairs together myself. 

Here's a look from the side. The Urban Decay is on the left while RT rests on the right. 

Overall, I think that the Good Karma feels soft enough, does a smackin' good job at applying my foundation without leaving streak marks, and blends everything out to a dream. The price is right, so if you're in the market for a new brush, why not give this a try? I found it dense enough to impart color but not so dense that it drags across the skin (ahem, Sigma F80.) 

xo Be


Beauty Vanity said...

That brush looks like it can do some MA-JOR airbrushing - I need that! haha

xx Alyson
Beauty Vanity

Binh Minh Ngo said...

I use it on the regular, so much that it's stained by now! I hear it's a good dupe for the Shiseido foundation brush :)