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As someone with borderline OCD tendencies and the obsession level of a crazy cat lady, organizing my makeup on a weekly basis used to be a must. I stored all of my lipsticks standing up and my face products in wicker baskets, making it hard to identify shades. In the end, I'd end up having to manually cycle colors through so that I would remember to use them.

MUJI drawers are the gold standards for a lot of beauty gurus, and it's easy to see why. The 5 drawer size fits lipsticks and eyeshadow pans perfectly, allowing you to see exactly what colors you need. I also picked up a deeper 2 drawer with a pop up lid to store bigger face pans and lip products. Both were around $25 each on Luvocracy (which by the way, is completely useless otherwise.) 

Without further ado, here's a look of most of my makeup stored neatly within the drawers.

The top layer stores all of my drugstore lip products, as well as glosses and "easygoing" lip products that don't require much time. I've placed some of my setting powders on the very top for easy access.

The second layer are all of my "miscellaneous" lipsticks and Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. If you think this is shameful, look below.

My MAC lip colors, NARS, and Maybelline Vivids live in this drawer. I had to try this layout to make space.

These are all of my eyeliners, eye pots, and cream shadows as well as eye related tools. I find that laying the pencils flat rather than stuck in a pencil jar make it easier to find anything you need.

Finally, my smaller eyeshadow pans live on the very bottom row.

On the other side is the 2 drawer which I had bought exclusively to store face products. 

All of my blushes, bronzers, powders, and powder foundations nestle in very comfortably when the lid is pushed up. 

On the bottom I have an eclectic mix of very high end YSL lipsticks, Revlon color balms, and lip liners.

If you can find them on Luvocracy or can afford the crazy shipping prices on MUJI's website, I would suggest picking up at least one deep drawer and one 5-drawer set for your makeup collection. I'm really happy that almost all of my makeup can be streamlined, displayed, and organized very neatly in just two drawers. Perhaps one more for my foundations and I'll be set. 

How was your Xmas and holiday season? I had a lot of fun visiting family and eating great food. 

XO ,Be

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An Tran said...

thats alot of lipstick you have there